audio video curriculum

Audio visual aids have gained significance in education at various levels. Along with the traditional methods of teaching, audio visual teaching methods have been introduced in audio video preschool curriculum in India in various schools for effective learning. They have proved to be more efficient in imparting education. At preschool level, teaching has been innovative where these audio and visual aids have been introduced along with the conventional methods.

We provide preschool consultancy services in India and can provide assistance for using audio visual aids in International Curriculum for preschools in India.

In preschools, various methodologies like educational charts, flash cards and videos are often used for easy learning through fun. Video aids like CDs and audio aids like MP3 are used to educate kids through various related activities. Nursery rhymes, poems, stories, fairy tales are played and kids pick up these very fast. There are animations of various fairy tales and moral stories too. This helps to inculcate moral values and at the same time encourages the kids to understand performing and social skills. The CDs also help in teaching alphabets, numerals, quizzes, new words and many more things. They are designed with various levels of activities and kids can advance to the next level as they grasp the earlier ones. Kids develop interest in learning due to these initiatives.

These AV aids can also be used for regional languages so as to make the kids familiar to the language of the respective state. Various education and learning companies are getting new concepts and topics that can make learning a fun and at the same time develop various skills in tiny tots. Schools can contact these companies and plan the set up of these activities. A defined time slot can be planned in the time table for the audio visual activities.

They can also be used effectively for setting up plays, music and dances during the annual functions or other celebrations.