Curriculum for play way method of teaching preschoolers in India

There are different types of early childhood curriculum and preschool curriculum models in India including : Maria Montessori method, Reggio Emilia, HighScope Curriculum, Waldorf preschools ( from the teachings of Austrian writer, Rudolf Steiner ), Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Montessori approach, Whole Brain Learning, EYFS uk curriculum , Play way bases, and many more. Call us if you are looking to contact a preschool curriculum developer of set up consultant in India

Play way method at kindergarten or learning through play is an important methodology in child education and child psychology, particularly at the preschool level. Preschool is the first stage when kids opt out of their home and secluded surroundings to interact with elders and kids of their own age. Play way method preschool education in India emphasizes this first stage of education through various activities like playing, communication with peers and teachers, exploring games, music and creative activities and other skills. This helps to enhance the various aspects of development like physical, psychological, intellectual, motor skills and so on.

Play way method is not strictly structured and documented but is flexible depending on the interest and aptitude of the children. It is spontaneous and allows complete freedom of expression. This method does not bother the kids, teachers and parents with the concept of home assignments, grades and marks. Assessment of overall skills and aptitude of the child is done by the teachers and is communicated to the parents from time to time. Preschool and play way in India have been introduced in preschools.

The play way system can be modified and made better by involving ideas from other curriculum or innovative inputs. It can also be used in combination with the Montessori and other system. However, it is beneficial if the method is implemented by trained teachers. The preschool trainer certification offers the knowledge about this method. If you plan to include this method in your preschool curriculum, you need to study various factors related to this methodology and prepare the set up accordingly.

We are preschool consultants for play way in education in India. We design play way activities for preschoolers and also provide curriculum for play way method of teaching.