Customized Preschool Curriculum

When you plan a curriculum for your preschool, you have two options. You can either adopt an existing curriculum or design your own curriculum. The existing curriculums are tailored and designed in a way to follow the curriculum in the future stages of school education. In case of customized curriculum, you can design your own curriculum and frame it in a way to suit a variety of curriculums in the future stage of schooling.

Since the preschool years constitute the formative years of the kid’s life, it is a very crucial stage. Therefore, you need to consider the several aspects that focus on the overall development of the child. At the same time, the teaching methodologies need to be flexible and easy going considering the tender age of the child. When designing the curriculum, you need to research and analyze the existing curriculums adopted by other schools and prefer a hands-on learning curriculum. Similarly, when working on a curriculum, it is always advisable to consult experts from the educational fields and also child psychologists if possible. These experts are able to guide you in the correct direction to include precise activities for the preschoolers. You can even go in for theme based curriculum in early childhood education and design a unique curriculum model for the preschool.

You can work on a curriculum that emphasizes on activities and interactions. These should help the toddlers develop their intellectual, physical, psychological, emotional and social skills. The activities should emphasize learning through fun rather than through the routine classroom sessions. It should also cover basic learning aspects like language, Math, phonetics, drawing and music. This will gear up the kids to be introduced to the next level of school. Once the curriculum is developed and successfully implemented, you also need to ensure that you are getting the desired outcome. Similarly, there should be periodical updates in the curriculum if required. Last but not the least, outdoor sports and activities like picnics should also be an essential part of the curriculum. We are preschool consultants and help to provide expertise for customized preschool curriculum in India.