How to start your own nursery school – Ideal Curriculum

Nursery school in India comprises of the preschool years for kids between 3 to 5 years of age. The nursery schools have a curriculum of their own or they function based on a curriculum that is affiliated to one of the education boards. Parents usually review the curriculum and decide a suitable one as per the future school plans that they have for their kids.

If you are planning to start your own nursery school, you can adopt an ideal curriculum that prepares the children to pursue any type of curriculum when they reach the primary school level. You can hire our preschool consultancy services. The curriculum can be innovative and creative that nurtures the physical, psychological and intellectual development of the kids.

An ideal nursery school curriculum should adhere to the standards laid down by the education departments of your state. The norms are laid down based on the cognitive curriculum in early childhood education in India. Similarly, the curriculum topics should be well distributed over the span of 3 years from the nursery class to the KG classes. Since the preschool constitutes the age of 3 to 5 years which are the formative years for children, it is advisable that you consult experts from education field and those related to child psychology when you frame the curriculum.

The nursery class should start off with the introduction of subjects like languages, Math and art through various activities like puzzles, games, flash cards, charts and stories. This level can be raised slightly through the next couple of Kindergarten years. In these years, children and introduced to writing, memorizing, working on assignments and so on. Other than the syllabus, extracurricular activities like drama, dance, music, games and celebrations are an essential part of the nursery curriculum. As a nursery school, you have the flexibility and scope to make the activities more interesting for the children. Outdoor games, picnics and sports are also included while planning a preschool curriculum for any preschool in India.

The nursery school level is too early to introduce kids to the concept of grades, results, homework and competition. You can design worksheets and involve projects at this level; however, it should be an interesting activity rather that brings out the creativity in your child rather than imposing work on them. Children can be assessed and the progress can be communicated to the parents through regular interaction with them.

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