Montessori Curriculum for Preschoolers

The Montessori education is the education system developed by the educator Maria Montessori for the kids between the age group of 2.5 to 6 years. This approach provides complete independence and freedom of expression to the kids within the framework of the defined syllabus. The Montessori approach has been accepted worldwide including the schools in India.

The education practices followed as a part of this system include playschool, nursery class, Kindergarten and other activities like the Mother Toddler program, after school programs and so on. Preschools work on the curriculum in their own creative ways but they follow the approach that is laid down by the Montessori education style. Through this approach, the children get to learn real life experiences aided with modern technology and equipments in the school premises itself. Indian schools have widely adopted this approach.

The aspects of Montessori curriculum in India vary for various levels. For playschool students it is just fun activities that help them get accustomed to the school environment. They get introduced to the concept of classroom, schooling and socializing with the peers and teachers. The activities are designed to help them understand memorizing and get them introduced to language and numerals.

The Montessori curriculum for preschool constitutes the foundation year for the KG classes. This year gets the kids introduced to writing alphabets, lines, and they learn language and Math through fun activities. New audio visual and interactive modes help them get ahead with these activities. Sports and games become a bit competitive. They are also introduced to drama, music and social skills. Kindergarten starts with a defined scope of studies and fun. Classroom activities like books, learning, writing, and home assignments are introduced but in a lighter way. The mode of teaching is still through interactive media and students are given the freedom to express, grasp and deliver. They start pursuing various subjects and also enjoy the extracurricular activities. KG years prepare them for the primary school.

If you plan to start a preschool and adopt the Montessori curriculum in India, you can research the innumerable options that this system offers and select and design a suitable curriculum for your school. You can also hire professional help for the same.

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