montessori materials in india

The Montessori education method is known after the Italian educator Maria Montessori who created an educational approach for the kids of toddler age group to 6 years. The Montessori Method constitutes different materials that facilitate learning of various topics with ease and fun, Most of these materials are an essential part of the Montessori schools today. The preschool learning in India has adopted numerous Montessori materials.

Montessori education tools lay emphasis on child psychology and correspond to their level of grasping, exploring and corresponding. Accordingly various topics and skills are taught in an interactive way. Languages are introduced through objects like insets, paper alphabets and moveable objects. Nowadays, the designs and shapes of these alphabets and insets have been modified and made much more attractive. Matching cards, object to word labeling and shapes are also used for teaching vocabulary skills.

Math is introduced to the kids in an interesting way too. Rather than introducing Math as a subject, kids are taught numbers and geometry shapes in a fun way. Colored rods and shapes of various sizes are used to teach counting. Similarly there are trays with slots where the kids can place appropriate shapes like squares, triangles, circles, rectangles and so on. This helps to develop the analytical skills of the kids.

Science and Geography are also taught through activity sets without letting the kids realize that they are learning in this process. The activities make the class time enjoyable and the kids acquire a lot of general knowledge as well. Models, photo cards, text cards and sandpaper models are made use of.

You can use a variety of Montessori materials for your preschool depending on the curriculum that has been developed. You can also research for the new varieties that are available in the market as they could be more attractive and challenging as well. Considering the content of preschool curriculum in India, a variety of these materials can be used.