Play School Activities

Learning through fun is the fundamental concept of every play school. The play school kids are too small to handle books, syllabus and studies. They need to be introduced to the academic world through fun and frolic where the little brains get introduced to the concept of learning. These activities lay the foundation of the nursery school curriculum.

Their toddlers are in an age that is very tender and receptive. Attractive and colorful books, a lot of music, dance, poetry recitation, drama and games help to expose these tiny tots to the process of learning. This helps to develop the motor skills, psychological, intellectual and emotional skills of children.

If you are starting a play group in India, you have a wide scope of activities that can be adopted for the play school:

Celebrations: You can introduce children to the diverse cultures in India through celebrations of festivals and other events. They not only enjoy the festival but also learn about the culture and communicate effectively with their peers. Activities related to craft like greeting cards, lanterns, rakhis can be introduced here. You can also celebrate parents and grandparents days and initiate activities here too.

Group Activities: Along with solo performances you can encourage group activities in drama, group dance, fancy dress events and group singing. You can have library hour with groups of kids to develop their listening skills and teach them to handle books. Children learn to interact with each other and overcome stage fears and gain confidence through public speaking.

Outdoor Games: Soft gym and sand pit constitute great fun and learning for the toddlers.

Indoor Games: Games can enhance learning too. Flash cards, puzzles, blocks and rings are some of the games that toddlers enjoy. Molding clay, painting, drawing and sketching can also be fun. You can introduce the pretend and play kitchen and instigate various skills.

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