play school curriculum india

We are preschool consultants and provide services for setting up appropriate curriculum for your play school. We also assist you to research and develop curriculum with academic experts. You can opt to work with the best expertise by consulting us. 

When you set up your own play school, you need to design or adopt a suitable curriculum for the same. This curriculum should consider and help the kids adapt to the next level of education. Similarly, when you frame the curriculum you need to consider the physical, psychological and intellectual capabilities of the toddlers. It is advisable to accept the guidance of education experts and child psychologists. Nowadays parents are aware and selective about the curriculum that play schools offer.

The nursery play school curriculum planning should consider the topics that are easy enough to be grasped by the small kids and also should be challenging to some extent to develop their mental abilities without exerting pressures. Along with the routine learning process, the topics in the curriculum should emphasize on developing interactive and social skills of the children. If you are planning to introduce drawing, writing or reading in the curriculum, you need to go the systematic way and follow the standard teaching methodologies. Aspects like music, drama, dance, various cultural events should be designed to bring out the performance skills in kids and to help them eliminate stage fears.

Stories, poetry and rhymes are an integral part of the play school curriculum. These should be taught so as to develop the interest in languages. Many schools also include poetry recitation in regional languages.

The play school equipments and play school toys constitute a part of the curriculum. Various equipments like soft gym, equipments in the play area, library should be set up in consideration with the curriculum. Similarly, the play should involve some aspect of learning and developing coordination skills.