Play School Management Services

Managing a play school setup in India is a task that is much more relevant and crucial than setting up a play school. The development and reputation of your play school depends on the way it is managed. This publicity spreads widely and this in turn affects the admissions in the consequent years. There might also be an inspection visit from the authorities of the education department. How to run a play school depends on several aspects. Some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Systematic organization of the school and its schedule is the first priority. You need to have a planned academic calendar with all the activities and events in place. As an administrator you need to observe that the schedule is adhered to.
  • If you are opting to provide snacks to the kids, you need to plan the weekly menu and make the preparations in advance. You also need to ensure the health and safety standards related to the food and water quality.
  • In case of classroom and other activities, you need to prepare materials and props well before time. Similarly, you need to be innovative in designs of materials like flash cards, charts, models and other objects. You also need a planned system for assessment of activities. Regular parents meetings, open house sessions and possible interaction with parents are essential aspects.
  • The classroom and play area need to be bright, colorful and properly ventilated. They need to be free from hazards of any type and this need to be monitored periodically. Risk analysis and methods for risk management also need to be updated. The staff members should be trained to maintain the hygiene and safety of the kids.

We are education consultants and offer services in play school management. We also assist in updates that are essential for school audits and surveys.