preschool and play school supplies india

A preschool design provides the scope and environment for the kids to learn and play in a carefree way. This design includes the interior design and set up and the exterior of the school. The interior of the play school also includes space and equipments that are essential for the day to day functioning of the school. All these objects ranging from the furniture to the daily items constitute the preschool supplies.

Furniture, boards, writing and documentation related materials are the basic and mandatory supplies that you need to purchase when you initiate the school set up. Gradually, as you set up the play area, library and other specialized sections, you need to enlist the respective supplies and place the order for them. The furniture items and all the objects should be safe and should not pose any risk for the kids. Mandatory items like first aid facilities and fire fighting equipments are also priority items on the preschool equipment lists.

Other than the major items, there are numerous lists of school supplies that you will require for the preschool. Based on the curriculum you need to order multiple sets of games, papers, sheets, stationery items books. The list of extracurricular activities like drawing items, props and other objects for events and performances, flash cards and audio visual aids are some that should be on the priority. You also need a variety of craft items. All these costs add up to the cost of starting the pre nursery school.
If you plan to provide snacks in the school, you should have provision for kitchen and cutlery and other important items. Additionally, you can go in for soft gym and sports materials intended for kids. If you are planning to introduce programs like mother toddler program and after school program, the lists of preschool supplies are different for each. A day care center attached to the school requires numerous items as well. We are consultants and can connect you to the best preschool school equipments suppliers. Based on the requirement of Indian preschool education, and the Preschool syllabus in India, we help you create checklists for the preschool supplies.