Preschool Interiors and Design Consultancy

If you are opening a preschool or if you are planning to go for a preschool franchise in India, then interior design is an important and mandatory aspect. In either situation, you need to have a complete set up of the interior along with the furniture, play area, office and other required rooms. Your preschool may have an attached play school and in this case the set up needs additions.

You can hire the help of an interior design consultant who will help you plan this. If you contact education consultants, they can guide you with the requirements of the interiors and also help you get in touch with professional designers. If you have opted for school franchisee, you need to follow the instructions of that brand to set up the school.

Coming back to consultants, the professional help can guide you to create a plan for play school and preschool interior. Based on your budget, space availability and plan of intake of students, you can decide the placement and design of classrooms, the furniture and design of other rooms as well. You will need a variety of furniture including benches, chairs, shelves and other stuff. After studying the curriculum for playgroup in India and those for preschools, you can decide the equipments and create cupboards and shelves for them. You may also need filing cabinets or drawers to place documents like forms, papers, worksheets for playgroup and for the higher classes. If you are planning to provide snacks to the kids, you may require a pantry as well. A library is also an important aspect and you need furniture for the same. A sick room with minimal requirements is essential for the tiny tots as there could be emergencies of any type.

The cost of opening preschool India runs into lacs of rupees and interior design is one of the important liabilities. It is not easy to change the design often as well. We are education consultants and offer professional guidance to set up the interior design of your preschool. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum of schools in India and accordingly we provide an overview of the requirements.