Preschool teacher training

We are consultants that provide assistance for preschool teacher training programs in India. We provide assistance in various types of customized teacher training programs and certifications that are essential for play schools. 

Play schools involve the first couple of years of a child’s life. The quality of curriculum that is adopted for the play school and the methods by which it is implemented is indeed very important. Hence the training that the teachers are expected to receive should be oriented for the direct implication of the curriculum in an appropriate way. In case of play school franchise, educational qualification to start a play school or to get employed in it is also considered to be significant.

When you set up your own play school, you need to ensure that the teachers are trained and certified for play school education. There are several institutions including those managed by the government that provide training for the play school teachers. The duration of the course varies from a couple of months to few months. The topics that are covered include the awareness of the stages of child development, strategies to teach various subjects like languages and numerical and many others.

Nowadays the training is mandatory for the teachers of play schools and pre-schools. The training is beneficial as it involves interactive workshops that introduce the teachers to various methodologies and teaching aids that facilitate systematic learning in the students. These methods contribute to nurture the child’s creativity as they are imparted the basic skills and competencies.

The training includes lesson planning for the kids, methods to conduct extracurricular activities like music, dance, drama and other skills. It also trains the teachers to conduct the physical activities using the correct methods and measures. It introduces the teacher to various aspects of child development like the physical, intellectual, psychological and other aspects. Accordingly, the response to learning various activities can be anticipated by the teacher. To start a nursery play school in India, teachers’ training is an important aspect.