Setting up Play School Services

We are leading consultants and offer play school solution‎s in India. We help you with the details of the procedures required to set up a play school.

Setting up your Own Play School  : Play school has become a lucrative business in India. Indian play schools are evolving to become more and better. You can set up a small play school at home or you can have an independent professional play school premise. If you are wondering how to set up a good play school in India, you need to look into the following checklist:

Business planning: You need to work on the basic plan like the capital, site location, and extent of the school set up. You need to research the existing market to find out the operations and details of other play schools.

Documentation: You need to get in touch with local authorities like education department, Municipal Corporation and others to ensure the registration, licensing and other formalities.

Facility planning: You need to decide the layout and infrastructure of the school and classrooms. Depending on the curriculum that you plan to adopt, you are required to set up the classrooms, play area and equipments. The infrastructure needs to be adequate to suffice the needs of the curriculum. You need to research for the vendors for various equipments for school.

Human Resource planning: School staff needs to be hired as per the norms laid down for play schools. These include teachers and assistants. Considering their eligibility, prior experience of working in play schools and their compensation range are important.

Marketing strategy: The marketing plan for your school needs to be in place. As you spread the word through various advertising media, you get enquiries from parents. You need to be prepared for meetings and counseling sessions with parents.

For play schools at home, the formalities are the same but on a smaller scale. The first thing you need is the permission to set up the school at home.

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