Starting After School Programs at Play School and Day Care Centers

With both the parents working, today day care centers and after school programs have become a necessity. The after school programs are of a duration of couple hours per day while day care centers run parallel to office timings. Day care centers connected to schools have a planned schedule. After school, the kids have their food, afternoon nap and the after school program.

After school program comprises of various activities.

Broadly speaking, these consist of help with the home assignments, recreation activities, additional activities for academic enrichment and teaching life skills including physical fitness. In case of play school students, homework includes interesting activities like practice of recitation, story telling or some drawing and craft activity. Teachers help the kids with these activities.

Recreation activities include singing, dance, chatting, music and many more. This teaches the kids to mingle with the peers and they learn to socialize. Life skills include lot more things like behavioral skills, confidence building, conversation skills and many more. Physical fitness is taken care of through warm up exercises, yoga, sports and physical activities that are appropriate for that age.

The after school program benefits the kids and the parents as well. Working parents often carry the regrets of not being able to spend enough time with the children. These programs teach the kids everything that parents wish to take care of. As the children are under the supervision of school authorities, parents do not have to worry about their safety.

If you are planning to start a play school, the after school programs are a great option to consider. You can design the program flexibly and offer various activities.

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