What is a Play School ?


Introduction to Play schools : A play school is a specialized school meant for the 18-24 month old kids. The toddlers spend a couple of hours daily under the supervision of trained teachers. The strength of the class is limited and the school has various infrastructure facilities essential for the development of the kids.

Play schools are intended to educate the children through fun and play. This learning focuses on the development of sensory-motor skills, intellectual, and social development of the kids. These curriculum avoid the rigidity and ensure that the learning process is stress free. The well defined routine and peer interaction helps to groom the toddler for the next school level. Several play schools also introduce a mother toddler program where you can attend the school with your toddler and try to understand the education system. This also makes your toddler comfortable in the school environment.

There are several benefits of sending your child to a play school. The child gets accustomed to the schedule and environment of the school. Children interact with each other and learn to open up. Nowadays with the nuclear family and single child scenario, play schools provide the conditions where children learn to share their belongings and toys. The play activities and toys in the play school are age appropriate and instrumental in developing various skills in the kids. Other than play and learn, play schools organize various cultural and extracurricular activities like festival celebrations, music, drama and other events. This boosts the confidence in children and develops their social skills.

You can start your nursery play school in India. This helps you to contribute to this noble profession and earn money too. We provide consultancy services for the procedure of setting up play schools. Your own play school provides you the flexibility to develop your own norms and brand unlike the franchise option wherein you need to adhere to the host brand.


How to Start a Play School : There are two ways to start a play school. You can opt for a franchise opportunity or you can set up your own play school. The benefits of your own school outweigh those of the franchise opportunity. In case of the franchise, you need to get into an agreement and abide by the terms and conditions of the institute. You have less flexibility to exercise your innovations. You need to adopt the host brand and cannot create your own.

If you plan to start your own play school, you can either set up a small one at home or a professional one with a complete set up. You need to complete the formalities and documentation and also be aware of the legal norms related to this business. To start a play school at home, you need the permission of the residential complex authorities. You need to verify the details of shop act and the compliances of labor laws. It is advisable to get your institution registered and ensure that the statutory rules and regulations for play schools are adhered to.

There is a defined procedure to start play school in India. If you are setting up a full service play school in an independent premise, you need to complete the formalities related to the education department and Municipal Corporation as applicable in your city. Once you get through this, you can work on the infra structure and decide on your employees. Following this, you need to work on various aspects like finances, curriculum, marketing and advertisement of your brand and methodologies to run your institution.

We are consultants in the education sector. We provide consultancy to set up play schools. Our experienced professionals provide the relevant guidance in documentation, curriculum, marketing and other formalities required for setting up a play school. We also assist in audits and follow up procedures to ensure smooth functioning of the school.